Hello World

By Buddy Lindsey, Mon 05 March 2018, modified Mon 05 March 2018, in category News


This is the initial blog post about our farm. To start out we plan to do a weekly post of what we did over the last week with our little farm/homestead.

Basically, we have nothing. We have roughly 2 acres in Oklahoma. We usually have a garden every year that produces stuff, but is never wildly successful.

This year we are doing raised beds and square foot gardening. We will talk more about that in a future post. We are also going to do chickens. We are going to start with 30 cornish cross chickens for meat in April. Then we plan to get some laying hens later in the year.

One of the biggest reasons for this blog/site is to showcase what we learn and do. As well as what it is like to start a farm. Part of the goal is to build up something that our children can look back on and be like "hey that is how they got where they are now".

So with that stay tuned as we post about our successes and failures, and maybe other stuff as well.